Maxi-mally Goddesslike in Long Elegant Legs

For many years I have admired the look of maxi dresses but was never able to find one that fit right or was long enough. That changed a couple years ago however, when I happened upon a v-neck maxi dress in a market in Singapore that miraculously fit me (and I do mean that it…


Long Elegant Legs & Last Days

Images taken by Amy Bedinghaus What a summer! In a few short, whirlwind months, I said goodbye to college life forever (graduated from grad school in May), said goodbye to all of my beloved students (ended my teaching post at the University of Virginia), and said many —too many—teary goodbyes to my friends as I…


One Size Tall Doesn’t Fit All: Tall Men’s Body Type Breakdown

What has surprised me most about styling tall fellows over the years has been that despite being perceived as cutting the most enviable and attractive figures, many tall men struggle with the same body issues and dysmorphic perceptions that women do. While there isn’t the same vocabulary or attention paid to men’s self esteem issues,…


Shop by Shape, Not By Size: Tall Women’s Body Type Breakdown

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again—even when it comes to “tall”, one size doesn’t fit all. Thankfully, tall sizing gets the vertically inclined among us going in the right direction with the length necessary to look like we’re wearing clothing, not handoffs or scraps. But beyond the tall tag, there’s a whole…


Meet the Ladies: tHoS Contributor Meghan Gabriel

I first met Meghan about 5 years ago, through a mutual best friend (hers in childhood, mine in college). There was immediate and easy rapport—I felt as though I had known her for decades, not minutes. Though fast-paced lives in two different cities make seeing each other a bit more difficult these days, I forget the…


Where Dino Meets Superman: Paul Fredrick’s Staples for the Modern Gentleman

By Adam DeMasi I was stunned by the offerings from Paul Fredrick I received this month. First off was the madras plaid sport shirt, which fit great—I was pleased and a bit shocked to find that the arms were long enough for me (if you’re reading this, I’m sure you’ve had the same problems with shirts falling short…