What we believe at The Height of Style

We believe that being tall is a great thing.

We also believe that being tall shouldn’t mean having to compromise on the little things that make our everyday lives better—whether that’s a comfortable mid-heel pump, the perfectly slim Italian twill chino, or the right showerhead mounting—all from brands who bring us into the conversation.

We believe that this isn’t about us; it’s about all of us.

More than literally seeing eye-to-eye, tall men and women share multitudes in common experiences. We’re of the same tribe; we run in the same vertical circles; and we know that we deserve a space in the world where we can always fit (and comfortably, too).

We believe that this is about more than style tips and product reviews.

This is about putting our stake in the ground, and expecting quality, functionality, and most of all, choice from the brands we give our business to.