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RHEA: Great Looking, Great Wearing All-Weather Shoes

Photo Credit: Shawn Roberts Living in Vermont has it pros and cons. The Pros: An incredibly welcoming atmosphere, stunning sunsets over Lake Champlain, sustainable agriculture, Bernie Sanders, and of course, Ben and Jerry’s. The Cons: Beautiful falls that are far too short and frigid winters that are WAY too long, accompanied with unnecessary loads of…


A +2 Clothing Article

Photo credit: Naomi Koliba at N.K. Photo During this incredibly long Vermont past winter, my diet consisted mostly of pasta, cake, pasta, candy, and more pasta. By the time Memorial Day came around, I was officially sick (both literally and metaphorically) of the sugar and carb-filled diet that essentially wreaked havoc on my body. With beach…


A Tall Slim Tee Designed for Me!

 Exclusive TallSlim Tees deal for The Height of Style readers: Use code “heightofstyle” (without quotes) at checkout to save $3 per shirt! Photo Credit: Naomi Koliba at N.K. Photo Just in time for spring, the amazing folks at TallSlim Tees (TST) have designed a tee specifically for me…or at least it feels like it! If you stumble upon…