Here at The Height of Style, we will be posting a series of Q&As (question and answer interviews) with up-and-coming tall designers and/or designers that design specifically for tall men and women. If you are a tall designer or are in the process of starting a tall-centric business and would like to be featured on The Height of Style, please email us for more details.

Q&A: Anne Shea of Sarah Vain and Tall

Q&A: Lameka Weeks of HEIGHT GODDESS

Q&A: Allison Born of RedWood Clothing

Q&A: Jenni Lallier of TEAL Apparel

Q&A: Lynn and Kate of TallWater Jeans

Q&A: Jennifer Caputo of Tall Couture

Q&A: Kyle Vucko of Indochino

Q&A: Monika Kusinska Paez of Autograf New York