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Winter Weekend Layers to Live In c/o Talltique

Despite having grown up in Vermont, my sensitivity to cold is my adult Achilles’ heel (speaking of, my heels are freezing as I type this). We’ve had a cold snap here in Boston and I’ve struggled to adapt. I can’t tell whether my tall person circulatory system seems balks at working harder or if I have onset…


Navy Yard Dancing with Talltique

Photo Credit: C. William Leverenz When I moved to D.C. in September, it was one of those situations where I had to go in a heartbeat and begin working that next Monday. I moved into the first apartment I could find, and by happy accident wound up in the most beautiful apartment with the loveliest…


Upping the Casual Game with Talltique

I spend most weekends furiously running errands around town, and trying to fit in the tasks I neglected during the previous week (god help me if I ever have children). My hopping from sun salutations to late breakfast to the grocery store to Target and beyond of course necessitates versatile, utilitarian staples. But I often use “utility”…


Meet the Ladies: tHoS Contributor Frances Killea

I first met Frances in college—she was a close friend of a close friend (who, incidentally, is another tall lovely at 5’10″). Soft-spoken, thoughtful, and kind beyond belief, I was immediately intrigued by Frances. As I got to know her a bit better, I realized her gentle mien was a humble cover for her exceptional eloquence, artistry,…


Meet the Gents: tHoS Contributor Adam DeMasi

I’ve been friends with Adam for going on a decade. We grew up several towns apart in Vermont, and have bonded over a shared love of local history and lore, Guided by Voices, and the frustrations and triumphs of being exceptionally tall. By the time we launched The Height of Style men’s stream in June,…


Meet the Ladies: tHoS Contributor Meghan Gabriel

I first met Meghan about 5 years ago, through a mutual best friend (hers in childhood, mine in college). There was immediate and easy rapport—I felt as though I had known her for decades, not minutes. Though fast-paced lives in two different cities make seeing each other a bit more difficult these days, I forget the…