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Meet the Tall Gents: tHoS Contributor Chris Veal

Our newest addition to the men’s team is the engaging and whipsmart Chris Veal, straight from the snowy (and as I hear in live weather reports from my family, still shockingly chilly) Burlington, Vermont. Chris became part of tHoS family through our own Adam DeMasi, with whom he shares a house and a vertical vantage. Fresh out of…


No More Shoe Blues With These Blue Shoes c/o Allen Edmonds

With my size 15D feet (16 in a sneaker), walking into a shoe store and seeing all the great styles not available to me is akin to being a diabetic in candy shop. It used to make me angry. Once, at a big & tall specialty store in Manhattan, I was actually told by the…


The Next-to-Custom Dress Shoe: An Allen Edmonds Review

For me, dress shoes have always been sort of an afterthought. An add-on. Picture me at a local suit shop. After spending an hour or more looking for something to fit my big 6’8” frame—be it for the junior prom, a football team banquet, a job interview, or most recently, my wedding to HoS founder Kacy…


The Even Nicer Nice Shoe: An Allen Edmonds Review

My very first pair of “nice” dress shoes were for my bar mitzvah and they were Allen Edmonds shoes. I didn’t know the brand at the time—I was a wee pre-teen—but even then I thought they were sleek. Cool. I was barely just starting to think about how attire spoke about you as a person, but I had…


The Hip and Versatile Bit Loafer: Allen Edmonds Review

The first pair of shoes I remember getting excited about takes me back in 8th grade, when I had a pair of the Kobe 2 basketball shoes—recognizable as gaudy silver shoes that looked more out of place on a basketball court than Charles Barkley does in a spin class. They fit great, and I was of…

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A Tall Coat for Every Fellow: Contributors’ Picks

Though spread from coast to coast, it’s getting to that time of year where our contributors are starting to break out their wool jackets (and reluctantly retiring their field coats for the season). Though tall men don’t have quite the range of choice we ladies do in terms of outerwear, our guys manage to stay stylishly clad and warm…