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Pastel Skinnies for Any Season c/o Method Boutique

As a born and raised northern New Englander, I associate fall with the most arresting natural vistas, breezes with a chill, crisp apples, heavy mist covers, and woodsmoke. Even as I’ve moved a bit south and lost my tolerance for Vermont cold, I’ve kept my adoration for autumn and winter evident in my sartorial stamp—full of jewel and earth tones,…


Editor’s Pick: Extra Long and Skinny-ing Yoga Jeans c/o Method Boutique

Montreal is a city of dichotomies: European and American, elegant and insouciant, romantic and restrained. Montreal boutiques are equally varied in feel, though there’s a sartorial undercurrent that plays across local brands—an embrace of the female form, a celebration of femininity, and at times, a bit of Bardot-esque pomp thrown in for fun. Montreal is not surprisingly home to…


A Tall Coat for Every Aesthetic: Contributors’ Picks

My favorite season is coat season. Starting a few weeks after the advent of autumn, this isn’t the time of unlined shells or cotton jackets,  but sophisticated wool toppers, cozy, utilitarian anoraks, and high performance puffers to insulate against that growing chill in the air. I readily admit that my coat obsession could be an ancillary of…


“Wow” Jeans for the Tall and Athletic: Tall Couture’s Paige Manhattan Slim Boot

“I’ve never seen a pair of jeans look so perfect on someone.” It’s not a flowery review, but it gets the point across: these jeans do a body good. I’m 5’10” tall, and I have thighs built out by years of competitive swimming and recreational running and cycling— I don’t think I need to explain…


Tall Couture’s Super Staples: The Hudson Supermodel Skinny Jean & SugarLips Sheer Blouse

I equate jeans with many things: style, versatility, durability. But the one thing I have never found jeans to be is particularly comfortable. I wear denim on a regular basis—when going out at night, for brunch on the weekends, or recently, to the office, thanks to a newly adopted “jeans Friday” policy. However, jeans have…


The Tall Fashion Power Couple: Taller Than Your Average for Long Tall Sally

For all the great mainstream tall lines out there, there is noticeable gap in the market—most tall-friendly brands provide tall women with what they need, and tend to gloss over what they want. This isn’t a bad business strategy—most of us are so happy to have our needs addressed in the form of pants that are long enough,…