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Lakeside Equestrian Style c/o Talltique

Photo Credit: Joseph Ash Certain triggers make me disappear into nostalgic memories of back home, and lakes are absolutely one of them. 2 hours ago, I was emerging from my garage in D.C., but as soon as I walked onto the pier of Chris Green Lake in Charlottesville and closed my eyes, I drifted right…


Winter Weekend Layers to Live In c/o Talltique

Despite having grown up in Vermont, my sensitivity to cold is my adult Achilles’ heel (speaking of, my heels are freezing as I type this). We’ve had a cold snap here in Boston and I’ve struggled to adapt. I can’t tell whether my tall person circulatory system seems balks at working harder or if I have onset…


Navy Yard Dancing with Talltique

Photo Credit: C. William Leverenz When I moved to D.C. in September, it was one of those situations where I had to go in a heartbeat and begin working that next Monday. I moved into the first apartment I could find, and by happy accident wound up in the most beautiful apartment with the loveliest…


Upping the Casual Game with Talltique

I spend most weekends furiously running errands around town, and trying to fit in the tasks I neglected during the previous week (god help me if I ever have children). My hopping from sun salutations to late breakfast to the grocery store to Target and beyond of course necessitates versatile, utilitarian staples. But I often use “utility”…


A Tall Man & His Suit: Egara Off the Rack

Earlier this year, I was asked to do my first fancy charity auction. It was a formal affair and a suit was requested. I panicked a bit I haven’t had a suit since my Confirmation in 1998. I also hadn’t started doing The Height of Style so I was left to my own devices and…


The Tall Fashion Power Couple: Taller Than Your Average for Long Tall Sally

For all the great mainstream tall lines out there, there is noticeable gap in the market—most tall-friendly brands provide tall women with what they need, and tend to gloss over what they want. This isn’t a bad business strategy—most of us are so happy to have our needs addressed in the form of pants that are long enough,…