The All American Tall Difference


HOSBodyIcons-3MTallAverageIt’s nice to be back with the Height of Style. I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus, but I was lucky enough to get a box from new tall guy brand American Tall left on my porch a couple of weeks ago.

I tried and liked the Oskar shirt right away. The cut and styling were great, and it’s very flattering to the tall, regularly-sized dude. The Oskar hits all the bases there—it’s a rare thing to find a men’s tall shirt that isn’t cut like circus tent [so often when dealing with shirts cut for the extra tall, they also cut them for the extra fat].

Wearing the American Tall Oskar shirt, c/o

Wearing the American Tall Oskar shirt, c/o

I dig the trim profile of this piece as it delivers crisp lines. The cool palette is a tabula rasa that lends itself equally well to a dressed up or dressed down look. First, I paired it with a vest and jacket. It felt classic, and held up to the pressure of selling 100 lots an hour while courting buyers and potential clients. Next, I wore it for trotting around Western Mass, checking out bookstores and brewpubs. The midweight fabric was perfect for the wildly varying temperatures of New England’s spring.

Wearing the American Tall Oskar shirt and J1 jeans, c/o

Wearing the American Tall Oskar shirt and J1 jeans, c/o

Initially, I was a bit more skeptical about the J1 jeans. Total disclosure: I am a working dude and am brutal on my pants. Left to my own devices, I always go for the heaviest jeans I can get. The J1s that arrived were a light denim/spandex blend with prewashed fade lines in them. I eyed them nervously for a couple of days before finally trying them on. Once I got them on, I was converted—they are amazingly comfortable. The stretch makes even long days and long rides a breeze. For someone who usually takes a couple of months to break in pants, the J1s were a welcome change.

Outfit c/o American Tall

Outfit c/o American Tall

American Tall is a brand new company for tall, slim men so their line right now is getting off the ground. I’m excited to see what else is coming from them, as these two garments seem a great indication of their quality—truly worthy of the ‘American-made’ cache.

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  1. March 27, 2016 @ 12:41 am Chriss Osborne

    The clothing looks great on both the men & women.


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