Tall Brand Q&A: Lynn and Kate of TallWater Jeans

TallWater Jeans' Founders, Lynn Janicki and Kate Johnson

As a tall, curvier woman, I’ve historically struggled with finding tall-friendly, designer styles that fit and flatter, no tugging, bare ankles, unsightly whiskering, or precipitously low rises entailed. That’s why I couldn’t be more delighted to feature Lynn and Kate, the gorgeous, savvy, smart, and well-heeled twin sister founders of tall designer denim brand TallWater Jeans (purveyors of my new favorite jean, the Brandi skinny, a slim jean that flatters even more generous thighs). At 6’2″ and 6’3″ respectively, Lynn and Kate intimately understand designing denim for the taller frame, and have made it their mission to create a range of impeccably-fitted, high quality, timeless, made-in-the-U.S.A. denim styles (plus, great yoga pants and a maxi) for tall women of all shapes and sizes. The TallWater jean feels different from the first try-on, and it is actually different from any tall jean you’ll pick up at a mainstream brand. Not just because it fits out of the box like it was truly made for you—and in many ways, it was—but because it is representative of these two impressive sisters’ commitment to making a better product, at a good price, that will outlast trends and become that second-skin staple that many of us had only ever dreamed of. Without further ado, here’s the TallWater story!





Q&A with TallWater Founders Lynn and Kate


TallWater Jeans' Founders Lynn Janicki and Kate Johnson

TallWater Jeans’ Founders Lynn Janicki and Kate Johnson

Tell us about the impetus for starting TallWater…

TW: We had been frustrated since we were teenagers with the lack of stylish clothing options for tall women. We spent years scouring websites and stores for the perfect pair of tall jeans—and when we did find a rare extra-long inseam, the jeans would be very low rise and uncomfortable. We quickly realized that you cannot take a pattern that was designed for someone who’s 5’5″ and just lengthen it for someone who is 6’2″. It’s a different body type all together. You need to start from scratch. And since nobody else seemed to be willing to do that, we decided to do it ourselves.

Tall women everywhere thank you for that! So how would you describe where you fit in among tall apparel brands? Who is your typical customer?

TW: TallWater Jeans are correctly proportioned for a tall woman’s body, with longer length, increased rise and runs, and wider leg openings for a variety of our styles. They’re made of high quality denim, in figure-flattering cuts and washes. And they’re made in America. We don’t necessarily have a typical customer. Women who shop on our site range from teenagers, to college athletes, to professionals, to mothers and grandmothers. The common theme is that our customers are tall (5’10″ plus and looking for stylish pants to fit their tall frame.

What has surprised you most about the process of designing denim for tall women?

TW: It’s a ton of fun and once you get past all of the foundational work that comes with starting a business, the design part is pretty easy. On the downside, there is a reason tall garments cost more—you need quite a bit of extra fabric to make pants with extra long inseams.

Tell us about your sourcing, design, and manufacturing processes.

TW: Our jeans and yoga pants have been designed with the help of a veteran denim master and are manufactured by experienced industry professionals (we were very fortunate to be in the right place at the right time).We do all of our manufacturing in LA using local production and labor. Our fabric is sourced from all over the United States depending on our needs and the availability.

A few more things that make us unique:

  • We custom designed our pockets to flatter the booty
  • We use reclaimed fabric pocket lining for all our jeans
  • The hardware on our jeans is clean and modern
Booty flattery is no small deal! So what was it like growing up as tall twins?

TW:  Awesome. It was great to always have a best friend, someone to talk to, confide in, experience life with, and have your back no matter what. Being tall never really seemed that awkward because we had each other. We went through periods of being closer and being a little more distant but we always had one another for support. Living far apart for almost ten years now has been really difficult—some days are harder than others. Owning and operating a company together has been wonderful, it gives us more reasons to visit one another.

That’s really charming.  So looking back, what advice would you give to your 15 year-old selves?


  • Wear heels, they’re sexy and everyone is looking down at your feet anyway so give them something to look at.
  •  You don’t have to play basketball just because you’re tall. In the end, nobody will care but you.
  •  Your height is unique and makes you stand out in the crowd—use that to your advantage!


  • Being tall is not something that you can change, so own it and wear it confidently.
  • Be proud of who you are (whomever that is).
  • Do not let your height dictate who you choose to date, that will only limit your options for meeting the partner of your dreams. My husband is much shorter than I am and both of us are absolutely fine with that. We are both confident in ourselves and in our relationship. Do not try to fit into what society dictates to be the norm, make your own norm and live your own life.
 Oh, I love it—such great advice for our younger readers! What is your favorite story from a tall customer?

TW: We were contacted by a woman who was participating in the Miss Tall International Pageant at the Tall Convention in Washington D.C. in July. She was interested in wearing a pair of our jeans for a rap she was performing for the talent portion of the competition. Of course we sent her a pair! We were so excited that she would be wearing our jeans in the pageant!

What style has been your most popular among customers? What next denim trend do you see as being particularly exciting for tall women?

TW: Our customers LOVE our black Brooke yoga pant. We can’t keep them in stock! Our Kat flare is also very popular, which is one of our favorites. The style is so unique and the wide flare is perfect for tall proportions. We are loving high-waisted jeans and hope to manufacture a style for our customers in the near future. Also, we never thought we would say this, but skinny jeans are not going out of style any time soon. Having a good pair of black and colored skinny jeans is a must. Oh, and white denim is everywhere.

 What’s your vision for the future of TallWater?

TW: We would love to continue to expand our line and offer more styles for our customers. It would also be great to collaborate with other designers on new styles. This summer, we are ramping up our blog and other social channels in order to give tall women everywhere inspiration on how to look stylish and dress to impress when you are over 5’10” tall.

Well done! And now for the million dollar question—what are your TallWater jeans of choice, and how do you wear them?

Lynn: I love the Kimora slim boot. It’s sexy and great with heels. Also, I practically live in our Serena wide leg knit pants because they are so versatile. They are my “comfy pants” for lounging around the house, they are great for running errands on the weekend, and they’re perfect for traveling since I like to be comfortable and stylish when I fly.

Kate:  I love the Kat flare and Elle bootcut  jeans. I wear both of them all the time and love how classic they both are! I never have to worry about the length or wearing a belt to hold them up since they are midrise. I love that.


At The Height of Style, we love you, Lynn and Kate! Be sure to check out the great selection of tall-friendly denim at TallWater Jeans, and follow Lynn and Kate’s awesome blog at: http://tallwaterjeans.com/blog/.


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