The Height of Style by Decade: 1900-1910

As part of my newest conception for a blog series, I decided to cover the 20th century in fashion. While I love the diversity of today’s fashion landscape and its nod to globalism, fashion in the past decades truly represented the alignment of societal movements with standards of dress. In this series, I’ll cover a bit of history, a bit of  fashion trivia, and a lot of tips and links for dressing for now with a real sense of then.

So without further ado, let’s kick things off with the dawn of the 20th century—1900-1910. Commonly referred to as “La Belle Epoque” (or Beautiful Age), this was an era full of idealism and luxury—for those who could afford it. With Paris the epicenter of culture, and the invention of flight and motorcars sweeping this side of the Atlantic, wealthy Americans were on the go, and borrowing their style cues from decadent, ostentatious European times past—corsets, bustles, dramatic sleeves, pompadours and elaborate sweeping hems were de rigeur, despite their anachronism and foreign vocabulary! Practically speaking, this era saw the birth of the long, skirted traveling suit (for avoiding dust when traveling via auto); the shirtwaist blouse; a nice variation in necklines (from high and lacy to low and sweetheart); and Charles Dana Gibson’s “Gibson Girl”—the epitomization of  the new, emancipated (and beautiful) woman of the early 20th century.

Gibson Girls

Although many of the styles of this decade would look costumey if replicated accurately, the longer, sweeping hems, narrow shoes and booties, fitted blazers and ladylike blouses could be worked in—piece by piece—to the modern wardrobe as they are STILL fabulously fashionable. And if anyone is to pull off a voluminous pompadour or bun and make it look unquestionably ‘of the moment’, it’s a statuesque lass! When going for a 1900-1910-inspired look, think voluminous, think luxurious, think ladylike, and think no-holds-barred!

For item links, please see below

1) Barefoot Tess Bradford Bootie, $99

2) Jeffrey Campbell Ingles Bootie, $179

3) Banana Republic Tall Silk Swiss Dot Blouse, $69.50

4) Long Tall Sally Full Check Skirt, $95

5) J. Crew Tall Velvet Schoolboy Blazer, $168

6) Long Tall Sally Suedette Skirt, $69

7) New Look Tall Embellished Sheer Blouse













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    Keep these coming! The fitted jacket is something I think would work particularly well for me:-)


  2. October 28, 2011 @ 7:49 pm Kristen

    Kacy – this is a GREAT idea for a series! I can’t wait to read the whole decade. Brilliant idea :)


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    I just wanted to invite you to our Boston Blogger Cookie Swap fundraiser that is coming up!


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