Articles by Adam Demasi


The All American Tall Difference

It’s nice to be back with the Height of Style. I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus, but I was lucky enough to get a box from new tall guy brand American Tall left on my porch a couple of weeks ago. I tried and liked the Oskar shirt right away. The cut and styling…


The Coat for Field, Stream, and Saltwater from Eddie Bauer Tall

Spring has sprung in my corner of northern New England, and that is to say that Mother Nature has erupted into furious mood swings. And as I pointed myself south and headed for the coast I was glad for my Kettle Mountain Jacket. I had my boots greased up, and it was a clear, cold…


A Custom Tall Suit Fit for 1964 Bond c/o Indochino

Shortly after getting the Egara suit, I started contributing to The Height of Style, and thinking more about dressing well. When Kacy offered me an Indochino suit to review as one of the first contributors to join on, I couldn’t say no to such a phenomenal opportunity. The good folks at Indochino emailed me promotional code…


A Tall Man & His Suit: Egara Off the Rack

Earlier this year, I was asked to do my first fancy charity auction. It was a formal affair and a suit was requested. I panicked a bit I haven’t had a suit since my Confirmation in 1998. I also hadn’t started doing The Height of Style so I was left to my own devices and…


The Premium Jean Pick for the Tall Slim Guy c/o Williamsburg Garment Company

When Kacy brought me these jeans I was skeptical. First the good: the cut and fit of these pants are stellar. I have a hard time as a tall guy finding fitted pants in my size. So often tall clothes get lumped in with big clothes. Not so with the Williamsburg Garment Company jeans—they fall…


Where Dino Meets Superman: Paul Fredrick’s Staples for the Modern Gentleman

By Adam DeMasi I was stunned by the offerings from Paul Fredrick I received this month. First off was the madras plaid sport shirt, which fit great—I was pleased and a bit shocked to find that the arms were long enough for me (if you’re reading this, I’m sure you’ve had the same problems with shirts falling short…