From Apple to Hourglass: A Cinderella Story Made Possible by Dress Mavens

When I last visited my parents, I was looking at family photo albums—particularly scanning the photos of my grandmothers and mom at roughly my age. Happily, I come from a line of pioneering, smart, and creative ladies—the women who became the first in their towns and their families to attend college, enter the professional workforce,…


The Right Size is Your Size: Celebrating All Shapes with Dress Mavens

Photo Credit: Alexandra Gavis Sometimes I go a whole day without a comment or even a stare. Most days, however, I’m unable to walk in public without getting several remarks, whispers, stares, or points from strangers. Per day. This is the case for most very tall women I know, and sometimes, especially on days when…


Dress Mavens: A Custom Fit For the Working Girl Wardrobe

How many times are tall women categorized as anything but long and lean? The other female size variations we’re used to seeing—athletic, curvy, plus sized, etc.—never seem to apply to us in the stores or online shops. Why are tall women only ever recognized in a string bean capacity (if at all)? Surely we, like…


Changing Into My True Color c/o Grettacole Boston

Happily, I have few hangups when it comes to my hair. Growing up in an artistic household (and having an open-minded mother who helped me fulfill all my technicolor dreams) I’ve always had fun with hair as self expression but not security blanket. I equally loved my buzz cut, my pixie pompadour, and even my…


A Well-Composed Jumpsuit c/o Dellez Tall Fashion

Photo Credit: Prithvi Karthikeyan The Dellez Tall jumpsuit cuts a sleek black line while offering a flash of edgy flair. At least, that’s what I profess now, after taking the leap to debut it out on the New York scene. My flirtation with how I might wear the jumpsuit—with its wide rectilinear belt and layered angular bodice reminiscent of…

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“You’re Stylin’ it Today, Baby!” with a Clavon’s Wear Custom Suit

There are suits you wear to blend in with the people in business meetings, the conservatively-tailored suits that show you are man of substance (although that substance might be Wonder Bread). And then there are suits by Clavon. I discovered this difference when Kacy called me over to her office and said, “Have I got…