Meet the Ladies: THoS Contributor Elisabeth Schettle

One of the most exciting moments for me to date was when I got my first email from a reader in 2010. I realized—with a fair degree of shock—that someone was not only *actually* reading, but taking the time to reach out and share a bit of their story. That email meant a lot to me then, and…


The Paul Fredrick Look: A Stylish Fit That’s Not Too Conservative At All

It’s increasingly rare to find a store that offers both a broad-ranged selection of traditional dress staples—sport coats, suits, year-round wool pants, Italian-made footwear, dress shirts, cufflinks—and an equally fine range of natty casual shirts, twills, and even bowties in every pattern, colorway, and permutation you could possibly imagine. It’s even more rare that the same store carries stock…


Tall Summer Sale Round-Up: From Shoesissima to Talltique

July is a great month for bargain hunters—and the last week of July is even better for bargain hunters. Retailers have to move out spring and summer merchandise to make room for the fall fashions that hit the stores come August, so other than March (the month for nabbing exceptional deals on winter apparel), now…


Work That Dress: J.Crew’s Tall Summer Options

Despite being always a bit cold and a lot pasty, I never really relish the spring and summer. I burn at the beach, break out in hives from the smallest bug bite, and get to watch my thick mane go wild for 3 months. I’m always longing for fall—the nip in the air, to justify hibernation in a giant coat, sweater, or…


The Sole Society That Will Have Us Tall As Members

I’ll be the first to admit that—despite being a woman with an embarrassing large shoe closet and a near constant fixation on acquiring more shoes at bargain prices—that I actually am quite discerning when it comes down to the act of purchase. For me, this halt-before-buy dance happens for a few reasons. I’m well aware by now…

Sticker shock? Think *value*, not cost.

The Real Cost of “Premium”: Is It Worth It?

If you want someone to give you a million dollars, you need to look like you don’t need it. One of the questions Kacy and I have heard from readers is about the cost of fashion: when is it worth paying more for better clothes? Is $200 too much to pay for pants, for example?…