The Right White for the Tall and Curvy: Long Tall Sally’s Smart Cotton Suit

The allure of the white suit has a lot to do with what it is not. It is not the standard garb of boardrooms and plush offices, nor is it the choice of practicality—even, arguably, in soul-crushing, high summer temperatures. It is neither subdued nor is it chaste, and it is most certainly not expected….


Podcast: tHoS Founder Kacy Interviews tHoS Managing Editor Ted

Podcast Transcript KK: Hi, this is Kacy Karlen. I am the Founder of The Height of Style, a tall women’s style blog, soon to be tall women’s and men’s style blog, and eventually, lifestyle blog. I’m here today with our Associate Creative Director and Editorial Director of the men’s stream, Ted Page. Tell us a…

A common plight of unusual height: the highwaters

Why The Height of Style for a Guy?

As a way to introduce myself, I want you to join me in my personal way-back machine, to my grade school years: picture a very gangly boy lugging his trombone to school; his pants are bell-bottoms, about four inches too short, conveying the accidental impression of a character from the early Star Trek series. Flash…


New Look, New Editorial: Letter from the Founder

Dear readers, In 2010, I started The Height of Style because I believed that tall women were underserved by mainstream fashion—often relegated to size ends or single styles off the rack (and only slightly more options online). I made it my goal to find and review the best fits from tall-friendly brands and offer tips…


Tips & Tools for Shopping ASOS’ Regular Line as a Tall

SOS—I may have a bit of an ASOS problem. Since the ASOS Tall line launched, I have been visiting the site nightly to scope out the new offerings and add to what has quickly become my monstrous wish list. I truly can’t recommend the fit and quality of the line enough. Especially after picking up the perfect slouchy…