The Ballet That Makes a Splash from Sensational Soles

I love the color red. It’s so bright and bold and is impossible not to notice. As a fashion choice, it is incredibly practical, as it can span all four seasons without looking out of place, plus it is universally flattering on all skin types. Too much red could be overwhelming and intimidating, I guess—but a…


Tangled Up in Blue with Long Tall Sally

I am not a flashy girl. I have no piercings, no tattoos, and until I was 24, I had never dyed my hair (and even then, I went with a brownish-red that closely resembled my own hair color). When it comes to clothing, I favor earth tones, and most of my shoes are brown. But…


Add Some Spring To Your Step With Long Tall Sally

I don’t know about you, but I am so ready for spring! I am so tired of bundling up in several layers just to leave the house and being restricted to wearing either snow boots or rain boots. I am aching to stuff all my winter clothes in a corner and break out my skirts…


Discovering the Girly Platform Pump for a Long-Footed Lady

Photo Credit: Joslyn Blair I was pretty much a tomboy growing up. In middle school and high school particularly, I would wear a lot of sports clothes, because we could always find a tracksuit and sneakers in my size. But dresses, cute skirts, and footwear appropriate for a 14 year-old girl proved to be harder…


Say Goodbye (Permanently) to Indecent Exposure with These Tees

 Exclusive TallSlim Tees deal for The Height of Style readers: Use code “heightofstyle” (without quotes) at checkout to save $3 per shirt! Photo Credit: The beautiful wives (Juliette and Rachel) of contributors Dave Metz and Brent Reidy As a tall person, few things are quite as painful as going to a thrift shop. Nothing you want to buy…