A Must-Have Winter Topcoat from One Seven Three

When you hear the words “British fashion”, what first comes to mind? For me, it’s an imagined version of Savile Row at the height of the 19th century. It’s bustling with fine gentlemen (and their curious wives) popping into the tailors’ shops up and down the golden mile, getting fitted for suits and dinner jackets and fine, tweedy overcoats….


A +2 Clothing Article

Photo credit: Naomi Koliba at N.K. Photo During this incredibly long Vermont past winter, my diet consisted mostly of pasta, cake, pasta, candy, and more pasta. By the time Memorial Day came around, I was officially sick (both literally and metaphorically) of the sugar and carb-filled diet that essentially wreaked havoc on my body. With beach…


Craftsmanship + Love: A Plus 2 Clothing Dunk

From the moment I slid the soft hoody over my head I knew it was different. You just know when the fabric feels of a higher quality—when you can actually feel the attention to detail. That’s how this hoody felt, yet, without the heavy hoody feeling that most often present. Nothing’s worse than an over-sized,…


Not Your Average LBD c/o Long Tall Sally

Photo Credit: Pamela McLendon I remembered something embarrassing the other day: the only true LBD I own is, in fact, a maternity dress I scooped up years ago and which, thanks to the extra length (meant to accommodate an expecting stomach), has ever since served as my main tall-ish LBD. However convincing it may be…


From Apple to Hourglass: A Dress Mavens Reveal

In adulthood, the color red scares me a bit. Mostly because it’s inarguable. It demands attention. It’s polarizing. Women tend to find other women in red threatening; men find women in red appealing, but even then, the effect is not reliable. If anything, I’ve learned about the red double-edged sword from my recent transition to blazing Titian tresses. I’m…


From Apple to Hourglass: A Cinderella Story Made Possible by Dress Mavens

When I last visited my parents, I was looking at family photo albums—particularly scanning the photos of my grandmothers and mom at roughly my age. Happily, I come from a line of pioneering, smart, and creative ladies—the women who became the first in their towns and their families to attend college, enter the professional workforce,…