An Unexpected Gown for a Taller Than Your Average Girl c/o Long Tall Sally

I still vividly remember how I felt in my first formal dress. It was 1999, and I was an androgynous, 15-year old junior with a pixie cut and very little patience for anything beyond my everyday all-black ensemble and Doc Martens. I was going to prom with my friends; I didn’t have a date. The…


The Even Nicer Nice Shoe: An Allen Edmonds Review

My very first pair of “nice” dress shoes were for my bar mitzvah and they were Allen Edmonds shoes. I didn’t know the brand at the time—I was a wee pre-teen—but even then I thought they were sleek. Cool. I was barely just starting to think about how attire spoke about you as a person, but I had…


Glam and On the Go c/o Long Tall Sally

I used to love dressing up for parties and special occasions when I was a little girl (mostly because I loved spinning around in circles while my skirt swished and swirled around me). As I got older, I loved the “getting ready part” that dressing up entailed. For high school proms and college formals, days,…


Black Lace Splendor Amidst the Ruins c/o Long Tall Sally

Photo Credit: Joseph Ash How do you begin a love letter to someone you really, really love when they barely know you exist? That is my conundrum with this post. I love, love, love Long Tall Sally and have loved them for over a decade now. So when I was given the opportunity to to review a…


The Hip and Versatile Bit Loafer: Allen Edmonds Review

The first pair of shoes I remember getting excited about takes me back in 8th grade, when I had a pair of the Kobe 2 basketball shoes—recognizable as gaudy silver shoes that looked more out of place on a basketball court than Charles Barkley does in a spin class. They fit great, and I was of…


Sumissura=The Best Custom Suits for Tall Women

Up until this past year, I never owned a tall pantsuit. My secret to getting through job interviews and Board meetings was wearing off-the-rack, solid blazers with skirts in similar shades, or dresses in contrasting shades. The fit was never precise, but I settled for close enough (and cuffed sleeves). I noticed, however, that even…