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The Blank Label Experience

At six foot six, I’m basically a large billboard that advertises to the world that one size does not fit all. Finding stylish dress shirts that fit has always been a challenge; my sleeve length is 38, neck size 18 and ½. In terms of body type, I’m what Kacy would call “average”—not fat, not…


Tailor4Less=So Good, It Seems 2Good2BeTrue

“Wow, you look like a model!” was my wife’s reaction to me in my first custom-tailored suit. She clarified this to mean “a guy with a suit that fits.” There is nothing like a custom-tailored suit, and you won’t believe how well a suit can actually fit you after you’ve worn one. The sleeves reach…


Off the Rack, and On The Right Track with Jones New York

I got lucky with his Men’s Wearhouse off-the-rack goodie from Jones New York (see similar here). At 6’5″, I can often get away with buying “normal” clothes, just barely. This suit struck me as a retro look, though I couldn’t totally explain why. The high waist and straight pant legs harkened back to the 70s when…


A Custom Tall Suit Fit for 1964 Bond c/o Indochino

Shortly after getting the Egara suit, I started contributing to The Height of Style, and thinking more about dressing well. When Kacy offered me an Indochino suit to review as one of the first contributors to join on, I couldn’t say no to such a phenomenal opportunity. The good folks at Indochino emailed me promotional code…


A Tall Man & His Suit: Egara Off the Rack

Earlier this year, I was asked to do my first fancy charity auction. It was a formal affair and a suit was requested. I panicked a bit I haven’t had a suit since my Confirmation in 1998. I also hadn’t started doing The Height of Style so I was left to my own devices and…


Exclusive Interview with Kyle Vucko, Co-Founder of Custom Suiting Leader Indochino

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Kyle Vucko, Co-Founder of bespoke suiting powerhouse Indochino, in a Height of Style exclusive interview. Kyle and his business partner Heikal founded Indochino in 2007, frustrated by the lack of suiting options on the market that offered quality and style at a reasonable price…