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The Blank Label Three Piece Herringbone Suit

I’ve wanted a suit that was different than the usual off-the-rack variety (lack thereof?). A suit that was distinctive; a gentlemanly, three-piece herringbone tweed that would be equally at home on the streets of London, Boston, or New York. For this I turned to Blank Label, a bespoke men’s clothing company located in an understated,…

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“You’re Stylin’ it Today, Baby!” with a Clavon’s Wear Custom Suit

There are suits you wear to blend in with the people in business meetings, the conservatively-tailored suits that show you are man of substance (although that substance might be Wonder Bread). And then there are suits by Clavon. I discovered this difference when Kacy called me over to her office and said, “Have I got…


Exclusive Q&A with Clavon Leonard of Clavon’s Wear

The upsurge in the number of “bespoke” retailers in recent years has been exciting to follow, both as a member of the tall crowd as well as a market forecaster. The evolution of technology, manufacturing, and ecommerce has certainly had wide applications in democratizing fashion. And yet, in this broadening landscape, the most successful entrepreneurs know that being all…


The Blank Label Experience

At six foot six, I’m basically a large billboard that advertises to the world that one size does not fit all. Finding stylish dress shirts that fit has always been a challenge; my sleeve length is 38, neck size 18 and ½. In terms of body type, I’m what Kacy would call “average”—not fat, not…


Tailor4Less=So Good, It Seems 2Good2BeTrue

“Wow, you look like a model!” was my wife’s reaction to me in my first custom-tailored suit. She clarified this to mean “a guy with a suit that fits.” There is nothing like a custom-tailored suit, and you won’t believe how well a suit can actually fit you after you’ve worn one. The sleeves reach…


Off the Rack, and On The Right Track with Jones New York

I got lucky with his Men’s Wearhouse off-the-rack goodie from Jones New York (see similar here). At 6’5″, I can often get away with buying “normal” clothes, just barely. This suit struck me as a retro look, though I couldn’t totally explain why. The high waist and straight pant legs harkened back to the 70s when…