The Blank Label Three Piece Herringbone Suit


I’ve wanted a suit that was different than the usual off-the-rack variety (lack thereof?). A suit that was distinctive; a gentlemanly, three-piece herringbone tweed that would be equally at home on the streets of London, Boston, or New York. For this I turned to Blank Label, a bespoke men’s clothing company located in an understated, second floor showroom steps from Boston’s Public Garden. Blank Label has a smart business model that brings together fine Italian fabrics with hand-stitching courtesy of generational suiting shops in China—so-called because generations of tailors are carrying on their family traditions.

And it’s all tailored specifically for me, which is the best part. At six foot six, making something really fit my frame couldn’t be an easy task, but they did it very well. John, a Blank Label fit specialist, took all my measurements, asking me questions along the way to see what kind of fit felt right to me.  Did I like the legs tapered for a more modern feel, or more straight-legged? Did I want the pants cuffed? How much cuff did I prefer? When buying a suit off the rack, these choices, of course, are just not available. You take what you can get, and with some luck, a good tailor can make some improvements. But once you have a suit made for you, I’m not sure there is a path back to Standardville.

Trying out the jacket for fit at Blank Label, Boston

Trying out the jacket for fit at Blank Label, Boston

It took two weeks for my suit to arrive back at the Boston showroom—which is fairly speedy, given it’s stitched by hand and shipped from China. As soon as I put the suit on, I felt like a different person. It felt stately but not stuffy. The tweed fabric had a very substantial quality to it. The pant cuffs draped perfectly across my Allen Edmonds oxfords. My shoulders (thanks to my unfortunate tendency to slouch when I was a young man) have a slight stoop to them, but the suit was tailored with this in mind so the lines were perfect.

At Blank Label's Boston showroom

At Blank Label’s Boston showroom, with John

The entire fit, in fact, was just right and required no additional tailoring or stitching. The only thing I noticed was how warm the suit is. At my size, it was practically like wearing an entire sheep. This is a suit that can stand up to the coldest, most blustery February days in Boston. I’d also have to say that getting a bespoke suit like this for under $1,000 is a good deal—given the quality of the fabric, and the precise tailoring, I imagine some custom suit makers might charge considerably more.

A tweedy gentleman on his day out

A three-piece tweed suit on a day out

So, if you are a hard-to-fit size, or you simply want a suit that’s handsewn to you (not just your size, but your personality), I suggest you visit Blank Label. It’s an affordable cut above.

It's time for your bespoke suit

It’s time for your bespoke suit from Blank Label.

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  1. March 24, 2016 @ 3:15 am Chriss Osborne

    These men are dressed up good like professionals. It’s cool to see the one man hold a copper colored pocket watch.


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