The Skinny Jean for Tall Curvy Ladies: TallWater’s Brandi


HOSBodyIcons-3WTallCurvyThere are some women who live in their jeans. I am not one of those women—well, I haven’t historically been, anyway.

It’s not for not wanting to wear superbly-fitted jeans day in, day out. It’s rather that at a curvy 32-33 in most designer denim with a 36″+ inseam, I am at the end of a size range, with my more classical body proportions rarely accounted for.  I’m waist-y, hipp-y, and thigh-y, and most designer jeans only accentuate these realities in a not-so-flattering way. Tall jeans from mainstream retailers offer a better fit, but I miss the heft of premium denim, the attention to detail, and the uniform precision of the cuts. I’ve settled with many less-than-ideal bottoms for the weekend, and more often than not, opt for a skirt or a dress for a precise fit at the waist, and ample coverage of the hips and thighs for the day-to-day. I admit it: I’ve wanted not just a skinny jean, but a great skinny jean that makes me look—if not skinny, skinnier—for a while now. It’s like holding out for a proverbial glass slipper in my own denim Cinderella story.

Brandi Skinny Jean c/o TallWater Jeans, La Via 18 cotton peplum top, J. Renee metallic snake heels, Dogeared rose gold dipped earrings

Brandi Skinny Jean c/o TallWater Jeans, La Via 18 cotton peplum top, J. Renee metallic snake heels, Dogeared rose gold dipped earrings

My premium denim fairy godmother is none other than TallWater Jeans. TallWater is a premium denim brand founded by 6’2″ and 6’3″ twin sisters Lynn and Kate, offering adornment-free, staple cuts intentionally proportioned for the tall frame, from the sylph-like to the curvy. I can say with complete honesty that I’ve never found a skinny jean that fits me like the Brandi does, and would fit any taller girl, size 12 (32)+ as well as it would smaller sizes. The “skinny” is forgiving for a leg-hugging style, offering a thicker, stretch fabrication in an inky wash that holds tight and obscures any flaws. With extra room in the thighs and in the calves, the look reads slim without being restrictive, and the mid rise covers the hips and offers a glove-like hug with no annoying tugging, thanks to a thicker waistband—a particularly recommended rise for ladies with a significant measurement difference between waistline and hips (which, as Lynn and Kate note, is a more common female body shape than “beanstalk”). The icing on the cake is Brandi’s generous 37″ inseam (perfect for wearing with heels, as I will always do, happy to be teetering around at 6’8″) and proportional, unembellished rear pockets that offer a streamlined, crisp look.


Brandi Skinny Jean c/o TallWater Jeans, La Via 18 cotton peplum top, J. Renee metallic snake heels, Dogeared rose gold dipped earrings

I felt like a jeans girl when I donned the Brandi, and was atypically eager to show off the great fit from every angle, wearing a crop-length peplum top from La Via 18 by Piazzia Sempione as I wore them out for the first time.For tall women who have never felt comfortable and confident enough with their bottom halves to feel like they could live in their jeans, I wholeheartedly recommend TallWater and the Brandi. This is jean that—from first wear—will change your entire perspective.






EditorsTips_latoWith everything from a slim bootcut to a trouser to even yoga pants, the TallWater range offers both the exceptional fit and a spectrum of choice for tall women, at a midrange designer price point (approximately $140—and worth every penny). For more about Lynn and Kate, including their story of founding TallWater, please check out The Height of Style’s exclusive Q&A with these two gorgeous, tall businesswomen.

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